About me:

I am an artist that likes to do many different kinds of projects within the dance field always in collaboration with others. During my studies in psychology, I fell in love with dance, contact improvisation, partnering, release, circus and yoga, and for more than 10 years I have been nurturing this relationship with movement. I co-founded and direct ConCuerpos, the pioneer inclusive dance company in Colombia where we do pedagogical, artistic and research projects. Parallel, I have been producing Video Dance and currently, this is one of my main creative explorations alongside with the creation of multimedia performance, where I like to do live projection and mapping. After this period of learning, teaching, performing, and producing, I want to focus on shaping my voice as a creator. I´m interested in going deeper in the relation between new media and dance while maintaining the values that I have learned through the practice of inclusive dance: work from subjectivity, develop bodily intelligence from a state of listening, find creative freedom from the abundance of imagination and base relations in care and love. That´s why I´m currently studying the MA in Choreography at CODARTS/Fontys in The Netherlands.



Background, Education and Awards:

Laisvie Ochoa is an artist within the field of live performing arts. She studied Psychology at the National University of Colombia where she began to dance and practice circus techniques. After she graduated, Laisvie continued her dance training in techniques such as Release, Contact Improvisation, Partnering and Flying Low; taking workshops with national and international teachers mainly at "Danza Comun” Academy in Bogota. Also for several years, she was part of Danza Comun´s project “CEC” (Choreographic Experimentation Center), a platform for young choreographers where collaborative creation is encouraged. In addition, she did an internship for 6 months in London on inclusive dance with “CandoCo" Dance Company, and she has taken several dance workshops in cities like London, Brussels, Barcelona and Berlin throughout the years. Moreover, Laisvie did a Specialization on Multimedia Creation in “Los Andes University” in 2014 and got a certification in Creative Filmmaking in 2013. 


Laisvie started her professional career in performing arts in 2005 at the Colombian circus company “La Gata”, where she developed skills in aerial techniques and basic acrobatics. In 2006 Laisvie became part of the dance company “La Arenera” in Bogota, where she has been part of 3 creations. In 2007 Laisvie became involved in pedagogical projects on inclusive dance, and in 2009, with other partners, she founded “ConCuerpos”, the first company in Colombia that includes dancers with and without disabilities. Since then, she has been ConCuerpo´s Director, leading pedagogical, artistic and research projects that have had a local, national and international impact. Also from 2012 to 2017, she was the Director of the amateur contemporary dance group of  “La Javeriana” University in Bogota. She has been a guest teacher in "Danza Común,” “2ESBogota” and "Danza Contexto.” Laisvie is also a member of the editorial committee of the performing arts magazine "El CuerpoeSpín”. At the moment, Laisvie is studying the MA in Choreography at CODARTS/Fontys in The Netherlands.


As an independent artist, Laisvie has developed projects in relation to new media and dance. In 2005 she began to make video dance and since then she has produced more than 10 of them; currently, this is one of her main creative explorations alongside with the creation of multimedia performance. Her role has evolved from editing to creating performances where besides direction she also does live projection. In this manner she has created “Extensión I-limitada” a performance about inner movement, “Giros” a work created in collaboration with an astrophysicist, and she is the video artist of the piece “Cerco al Rey” from the Colombian company “Danza Comun”. 


In 2013 she won the Award for Outstanding Video Arts, awarded by the District Institute of The Arts of Bogotá. In 2011 she won the “Festival VideoMovimiento Colombia” and has received honourable mentions from this festival in 2014, 2013 and 2009. Her video dances have been selected at international festivals such as Chile and Ecuator videodance festivals, Proyector 13, Breaking 8 and VARTEX. Under the direction of Laisvie, ConCuerpos received the recognitions: in 2012 "Award for Cultural Organizations for Population with disabilities", in 2015 the "Grant for Creation in Dance”, and in 2016 the “Prize for international circulation” from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. Also, ConCuerpos received the award "Fulbright Specialist" and the arts residence in La Factoría LÉxplose in 2014.

Work Portfolio



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