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Quarantine creativity

Dancing to survive

Boiler room sessions


Since we all are currently living in confinement all over the world due to COVID-19, LIVE action and the importance of it has gotten a whole new meaning. Sharing a moment in time together through performance has never been so vital as NOW.

With the Boiler Room Sessions we host live-stream performances on a weekly basis, curating different artists from all over the world. Artists that show live performance work being dance, music, performance art, and all in between. Each session hosting 3 artists or collectives to perform. Performances last between 10 to 20 minutes.

When: Weekly on Wednesdays at 20h Central European Time 

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Hosted and organized by Iris van Peppen and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska



*All artists perform under the governmental measurements taken by their country, this can vary between countries.


I'm the artistic director of this wonderful event: Latinamerican Gathering of Dance and Inclusion organized by the Argentian Foundation MICA.


A telematic embrace.

We organized 11 masterclasses, 4 virtual cafes,  4 laboratories on Telematic Dance, 2 performances on Youtube presenting the results of the laboratories and a fin virtual party to close the event.  The live performances will include mixed dancers from different countries in Latinamerica and Space, dancing at the same time but each person in their own location!!!


All the info here (in Spanish):


Watch the LIVE performances 6th and 7th of June 23h Central European Time  here:

On May 8, 2020 I will be offering a conference on Telematic Dance in this wonderful training in Colombia.

Cada Quien Desde su Ventana

The Latin American Dance and Inclusion Network gets activated in times of confinement to support each other and to fight against isolation. We have re-purposed online communication tools to carry out a collective creation and celebrate the international day of dance, April 29, each one from their digital window, but in a continental connection!!!!

I am one of the organizers of this initiative and happily I have been in charge of proposing the methodology for co-creation (Cycles of the yes and...) to facilitate collective creation and also I am the editor of the videos.  Special thanks to the group Cero 39 who have generously donated their songs to accompany this exercise of connection, resistance, and creativity.

ConCuerpos Inclusive Dance

How to become a great dancer within an inclusive dance company? With this question in mind, I proposed a research project to my inclusive dance company in Colombia ConCuerpos. This project is called Accessible Creation Zone and we are developing it by doing 4 laboratories about techniques such as Pilates, principles of Modern Dance, Floor Work and Partnering. After each laboratory, we have assimilation periods where each dancer takes, adapts, transforms, whatever she or he find relevant for their own personal training. We are documenting this whole process in the Research Catalogue

We are also deepening our telematic dance exploration. I'm developing a duet with Diana `Leon because I NEED TO DANCEEEE

We will perform live on the Boler Room Session on the 6th of May


As the teacher of Arabesque, the modern dance association of the University of Twente, I'm leading a video dance workshop so every member can learn the necessary tools to become creative at home. We have two goals, the first one is that everyone creates their own video dance following their own creative explorations, and the second, is to create a collective video dance using the tool of the video call (telematic dance)


Arabesque will launch all the videos on June 16th, including also a beginning and end dance!!  Soon, more information about the platform that's going to be used.


Collaboration with composers Max van Westerop en Isha Forster.

A portrayal of different shades of anger and the search for a state of equanimity, through movement and sound.

SAUDADE Work in progress

Artistic Research:

Part of the master in choreography COMMA (Codarts/Fontys)

Wolfe & Libertad

Artistic Outcomes

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