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Current projects

ConCuerpos Inclusive Dance Company 

How to make dance accessible for all?

In 2021, the inclusive dance company ConCuerpos will be creating a 3 parts dance work called IRA that addresses the issue of anger as a feeling that arises in the face of injustice and that has the potential to instigate social change. Besides being the director of the company, I will be one of the choreographers!! so I'll be traveling to Bogota during the summer to create and premiere.

The key aspect of this project is that we are working under the notion of Universal Accessibility. This means that we will integrate elements such as subtitles, audio description and sign language within the dramaturgy of the work. Thus, our commitment to breaking down barriers of participation in the performing arts will not only be reflected by working with artists with and without disabilities, but also by opening up to a diverse audience.

I'm looking for supporters in Europe that believe in our vision to make dance accessible. The supporters can become patreons to support us monthly or can make a one-time donation. 

Thanks to this support, we will be able to finance our 8-month creation process, including 3 artistic residencies, work in progress showings, and seminaries about accessibility in dance. You will be contributing to bring down barriers of participation and make dance accessible for everyone.

How to become a great dancer within an inclusive dance company?


With this question in mind, I proposed a practical research project to ConCuerpo's dancers during 2020. This project is called Accessible Creation Zone. Take a look at the online documentation of the research (in Spanish) 

Working as video artist for Roshanak Morrowatian

Roshanak won the 2020 Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Maastricht for Kites, a dance solo dedicated to the personal stories of children growing up in refugee camps and asylum centers. This performance will premiere during the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021. As an offshoot of Kites, she is currently working on the installation performance Sister, a life-size wax sculpture of a melting girl. The premiere of this is during the schrit_tmacher Festival this summer. Sister pays tribute to the survivability of children in areas of political and social unrest. The work symbolizes the adoption of a new form in order to survive. 

I'm working as a video artist both for Kites and Sister, with live video mapping!


I'm participating as a dancer in Raak me, a piece for children with and without disabilities that addresses the theme of love, consent, and touch. Company: PlanD

Raak me by plan-d

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Boiler room sessions

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Live Stream Performances

In 2020, in collaboration with Iris van Peppen, I created this virtual theatre that functions as an international platform for experimental performing arts. Each session consists of a video call that goes live on YouTube. Per session, 3 artists or collectives are hosted. We host experimental work, favoriting real-time composition, that considers the telematic aspect of the medium. We cover disciplines such as dance, music, performance, circus, trans/inter/multi-disciplinary, and we host young to established professionals. We collaborated with En Tiempo Real Festival.


The project was started by Iris van Peppen (NL) and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa (Col/LT/NL) during the COVID-19 times of confinement from an urgency to find an alternative medium for real-time action. This is still our key aspect: artists and audiences, in different locations, coming together to share a moment in time as a global/local community. We have presented artists from Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

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I was the artistic director of this wonderful event: III Latinamerican Gathering of Dance and Inclusion, A telematic embrace. Organized by the Argentian Foundation MICA.

We organized 11 masterclasses, 4 virtual cafes,  4 laboratories on Telematic Dance, 2 live performances on Youtube presenting the results of the laboratories, and a fin virtual party to close the event. 


All the info here (in Spanish):



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Collaboration with composers Max van Westerop en Isha Forster.

A portrayal of different shades of anger and the search for a state of equanimity, through movement and sound.


SAUDADE is a work in progress that researches the feeling of loss and longing for family, loved ones and the homeland. Every migrant has this feeling...

SAUDADE is a project of Tante Nino with performing artists from the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Colombia, the UK, Uruguay and France.

I am participating as video artist and choreographer.

SAUDADE Work in progress

Artistic Research:

Part of the master in choreography COMMA (Codarts/Fontys)

Wolfe & Libertad

Artistic Outcomes